Ending the R Word

4 03 2011

Can't wait for this again

So on Wed I was fortunate enough to be invited out to Cedar Ridge Middle School to participate in the Spread the Word to End the Word. It was a very cool event. I could not believe that the whole thing was organized by a 7th grade girl! I just want to say to Brinkli you did an amazing job of bringing awareness to your school about the R word!
She had a few of us from USU including my good buddy Big Blue go out to her school and talk to some of her fellow students. I only wish I was that organized and concerned about others when I was 13. It was a great experience to be able to go out and learn about the campaign that is being done to educate people on the effects of that word
I have always been a firm believer in using the R word. I always figured it never hurt anyone and it was only a bunch of over sensitive people getting offended. Then this past year I have been fortunate to become good friends with two wonderful women who are the co directors of group on campus called Best Buddies. These girls had been trying to get me to stop saying that word for a long time with no positive results. Then one day I was talking up on campus and I used the R word and one of my good friends who has special needs happened to walk by at that same time. He was cool about it but I knew that I hurt him. Since that time I have done my best not to say that horrible word.

My friend Katie

I know that it might seem weird coming from me that I am saying we need to be respectful to everyone, but I firmly believe that. There is only one group of people we don’t need to show respect to and that is BYU fans! Just kidding! I love you Kanalu!
Well spring break is upon us and I have friends going all over! From Australia to Oregon the Aggies will be all over the place. Perhaps the most concentrated group of Aggies will be in Las Vegas for the WAC Tourney! I am super excited to head down there and watch the boys win another WAC title! I will keep you all up to date on everything going on down there. If you are an Aggie fan find me down there and we can go grab some food or something! GO AGGIES
p.s. Check out http://www.r-word.org and pledge not to use the R word. I did



2 03 2011

Today is a huge game for the Aggies! Tai and the boys are taking on New Mexico State! This is a team that is hard to play at home! This will be a great game but I know in the end we will be victorious! My one regret is that Wendell McKines will not be playing so we can shove it in his face! I wish no ill on the man I just love it when cocky guys are humbled! By the way according to Wendell we are all “dweebs”! That is a name I haven’t called someone since the fifth grade!
Either way GOOD LUCK USU! I will not be watching but I will be waiting eagerly for the results! After the Hawai’i game I have decided it is better if I do not watch the away games! I don’t like getting updated winning or losing! I just want to hear how we did, and then after it is over I will watch the game!
As promised on Monday this is the part of my blog that I give a little background on one of my costumes. You are more than welcome to give me suggestions or ask questions! I will do my best to answer them the best I can!

my buddy charlie dressed in the Lion outfit for Senior Night

So for today I have decided to let you know my thoughts behind the Lion costume! I have a little buddy who comes to every game! I’ll call him Andy (I have changed his name). Andy is always there early and loves the Aggies! Since his father works for the Aggies he gets to walk all over and see the behind the scenes that most people do not get to see! Every time he would see me he would get excited and ask me what my outfit was going to be! Since I never would tell anyone what my upcoming costume was going to be I would just ask him what he wanted me to be! Every game it was the same, a Lion! A Lion would fit in perfect for “Wild” Bill, after all what is more wild than a Lion.
So before the Montana Western game my good friends Linda and Kristin were kind enough to make me a Lion outfit! we got some really good material that looked like it came right off the King of the Jungle! I was suppose to bring some mittens to make the paws with but running short on time we just used socks!
In fact after the senior night I took a picture with him and we wanted us to do a Lion pose! I am sorry that it took me all season to finally get the Lion costume done but I hope you enjoyed it buddy! I know I did! Thanks for always bringing a smile to my face!

What Was I Thinking

28 02 2011

I almost need to hang it up after a night like I had on Saturday! Man what a great game! I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Judd Eades from ARS for all your support and help on my costumes over the past year. Also thanks to all of you who came up to me after the game and got pictures with me! I really enjoy and appreciate all of you! Living in Logan can make you feel like you are on top of the world sometimes!

Wild Bills

It was a great game for our team to get back at Idaho for the loss earlier this season! What a great way for our seniors to go out! Congrats boys you have done a great job! I have enjoyed the years I have been able to get to know you and I have loved learning the game of basketball from you!
A lot of you were asking me what I was going to dress up as for the game, and if you have ever asked me that before a game you know I will always tell you that it is a secret! However on Saturday night when I was asked about what I was going to wear I kept saying that I was not going to dress up! Little did anyone know that I really was not dressing up! Thank you to all the boys on the front row who helped me with that great idea!

cutting down the net

As I was going over the list of costumes I have done in the past two years I was flooded with memories of certain costumes and ideas I have had. So I have decided to let you in on some of the stories behind the costumes. So I figure every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will unveil another blog of why I did what I did!
I figure its only fitting I start with Cupid. Cupid is the outfit I wore in the 2009-2010 season against Idaho. It is the outfit that brought all kinds of national attention to me and was blasted all over Sports Center on ESPN and is one of my favorite costumes!
The start and inspiration for Cupid came one day as I was with my friend visiting his girlfriend at a local Tanning salon. Well my curiosity got the best of me and I decided that I needed to try one of those tanning beds. I decided since I am Hawaiian I would not need any sun block and I would head straight for the nicest hottest bed they had for the longest time possible! Well I know that sounds foolish and I realized that later that night when I could not even sit down. I hurt so bad! Well I knew that ESPN was coming in just a few days and I had no idea what to dress up as for the game. I did not want to do anything that would add to my pain but I wanted to do something that would be hilarious.
The day of the game came and I still had not come to any conclusion on what I was going to do. As I was talking with my roommates we were shooting some ideas around and I figured it would be best to do something pink since my body was already so pink, and since Valentine’s Day was just around the corner Cupid was the natural choice! So we went to the store and bought wings and a tutu. It worked great because if you look at the pictures you can’t even tell that I am burned!
I hope you enjoyed the first installment of this fun little idea that I have for you. Be sure to check back on Wednesday for the next costume!

Retire the Wild Bill Persona?!

25 02 2011

Chillin with Raja Bell of the Jazz

I want to start by saying thank you for a great season of Aggie Basketball! I have had a blast and i know the team has enjoyed it as well! There has been a lot of talk and speculation if i will be returning next season as “Wild Bill”. Tai Wesley is one of my best friends and we will be graduating! Not only has he been one of my closest friends over the past few years but he was a LARGE reason why “Wild Bill” got started! I will miss him and it would be hard to do my act without him on the court! However i have not come to a decision at this time to return or hang up the costumes! I will make a decision later but for now i am focusing all my attention on the last home game and the WAC Tournament. Be sure to make it to the last home game because i have something i think is very special and if i do decide to hang it up this will be a great note to go out on!
I have had a lot of questions about how people can help with my medical bills and my general costs as i have been going through this medical problem for the past eight months or so. I have now set up a bank account with the Cache Valley Bank and you will be able to send money to them for the Wild Bill Account or you can use pay pal right here on my page! I set up a pay pal button you can donate right here! thank you all so much for your concern and love! I truly love you all very much!

Thrillbillies is BACK — with me, WILD BILL.

1 12 2010

Well USU snuck a win against North Eastern last weekend.  It sure was a close game.  I’d like to shout out to my friend Jake Frisby for getting kicked out of the game for being vulgar.  They made an announcement over the speakers and asked us to watch our language! Lucky for me I have a wonderful mother who called me just before the game to kindly ask me to watch my language as to not offend any families with small children.  Since I took the advice of my beautiful mother I know they were not talking to me about the language but Jake who is very loud didn’t have that same talk.  GOOD TIMES.

As for me you can see me on FUEL TV starting tonight on the new season of THRILLBILLIES.  It starts at 10PM Eastern so that means 8PM our time.  Check it out for a great laugh and maybe you’ll see me on TV!



P.S. I am headed to DC tomorrow to support Men’s Basketball as they take on George Town Saturday afternoon.  Watch my blog for pics and updates of my trip!  I will keep you updated on Twitter and facebook as well.


19 11 2010

BASKETBALL IS HERE BABY! Get ready for some SPECTRUM MAGIC.  It was a tough one down at the Marriott Center in Provo on Wednesday.  The S.O.W. (spectrum on wheels) was rolling deep!  We had a lot of fans in the crowd and almost overpowered BYU in chants.  The BYU fans brought signs but I didn’t see any clever or funny ones.  They could have at least had the decency to make clever funny signs we could laugh at.  It was a fun trip to go down and support our AGGIES — the only problem was that we lost.  Tai Wesley fouled out, but before he did he had a sick dunk on Chris Collingsworth.  So great!
Well this weekend we have our last home football game against idaho and it will be a good one.  If we win this game it will put us at 5 wins for the season! Lets all go out and support our AGGIES this weekend!


A Healthy Heart and AGGIE BASKETBALL 2010!

4 11 2010

AGGIE BASKETBALL is here again!  Everyone come out and support our AGGIE’s and I’ll wear my best costumes!  Tomorrow night I’ll be looking REAL nice!  If you have any costume idea’s send them my way.

Also, great news for my heart! I don’t have to get a transplant and my heart is functioning normal (Normal is between 50-77-I’m a 55). YAY! Also all the blood clots are gone. I am very excited.

I have some big news to announce in the near future so stay up to date on my blog and facebook.