If you know Aggie basketball, there’s a good chance you know “Wild” Bill Sproat. He’s the guy behind the basket, shakin’ what his mama gave him in one of several costumes that range from hula dancer to pirate to plain old shirtless wonder.

Sproat’s antics have made him an Aggie icon and have drawn the attention of the national media. His half-naked distraction techniques have been featured on ESPN’s Not Top Ten Plays, ESPN First Takes, and NBC Sports.  Sproat’s shenanigans began on accident, when he was encouraged by friends to sit on the front row of a USU basketball game. He decided to take off his shirt as a way to distract the other team, and the rest is history.

Aggie blood runs deep for this superfan. Sproat grew up in Richmond, just a few miles from the famously rowdy Utah State Spectrum. Today, this part Hawaiian, part Chinese, part Caucasian liberal arts major has become almost as much of an attention-getter as the basketball team itself. Aggie basketball fans look forward to seeing a new costume every game.

When he isn’t bringing down opposing team’s free-throw percentages, Bill can be found watching Oakland A’s baseball, 49ers football, and listening to bands like Soja and Rebelution. He works at Pounder’s (a local Polynesian eatery), and also enjoys listening to his friends play reggae music and impressing onlookers with cannonballs at the local pool.

Wild Bill was recently quoted in an ESPN blog when he said, “I’d like to go up against the #1 free-throw shooter in the nation, whoever that is, and see what he’s got. Maybe I’d just wear a loin cloth or something.”

Bill is currently a junior at USU, and will graduate in May 2011.


5 responses

11 03 2010
Wolf Pack

Just saw you at the Boise-Utah State game. Freakin’ hilarious costume!!

15 03 2010
Alan Bishop

You look like a merman…….

1 04 2010
Bryce Wilding

dude, soldiers of jah army AND rebelution kick some serious ass. you are one cool man wild bill. lets chilll sometime nawmean?

26 02 2011
chris riley

Read your story on Yahoo’s frontpage. Just donated a few bucks for your ER bills. You put people in a little better mood. Get that degree and I hope we see you at the final four! (um… and Go Bucks too) C. Riley – Columbus, Ohio

27 02 2011
Brett Martinez

Lookin good man, lookin good! You need to market that beautiful belly and do some advertising. You could use the money to help with hospital bills. Keep up the good work man. Peace!

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