2 03 2011

Today is a huge game for the Aggies! Tai and the boys are taking on New Mexico State! This is a team that is hard to play at home! This will be a great game but I know in the end we will be victorious! My one regret is that Wendell McKines will not be playing so we can shove it in his face! I wish no ill on the man I just love it when cocky guys are humbled! By the way according to Wendell we are all “dweebs”! That is a name I haven’t called someone since the fifth grade!
Either way GOOD LUCK USU! I will not be watching but I will be waiting eagerly for the results! After the Hawai’i game I have decided it is better if I do not watch the away games! I don’t like getting updated winning or losing! I just want to hear how we did, and then after it is over I will watch the game!
As promised on Monday this is the part of my blog that I give a little background on one of my costumes. You are more than welcome to give me suggestions or ask questions! I will do my best to answer them the best I can!

my buddy charlie dressed in the Lion outfit for Senior Night

So for today I have decided to let you know my thoughts behind the Lion costume! I have a little buddy who comes to every game! I’ll call him Andy (I have changed his name). Andy is always there early and loves the Aggies! Since his father works for the Aggies he gets to walk all over and see the behind the scenes that most people do not get to see! Every time he would see me he would get excited and ask me what my outfit was going to be! Since I never would tell anyone what my upcoming costume was going to be I would just ask him what he wanted me to be! Every game it was the same, a Lion! A Lion would fit in perfect for “Wild” Bill, after all what is more wild than a Lion.
So before the Montana Western game my good friends Linda and Kristin were kind enough to make me a Lion outfit! we got some really good material that looked like it came right off the King of the Jungle! I was suppose to bring some mittens to make the paws with but running short on time we just used socks!
In fact after the senior night I took a picture with him and we wanted us to do a Lion pose! I am sorry that it took me all season to finally get the Lion costume done but I hope you enjoyed it buddy! I know I did! Thanks for always bringing a smile to my face!




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2 03 2011
Mark Grant

Wild Bill, I love what you have done for the Aggie students and ALL the fans.
I am an old timer, not totally Old but none-the-less getting old! I am a cousin to the Great Greg Grant #5. I also was at the game and got Wayne Estes’s autograph and walked out onto the court of the old fieldhouse at age 11 the night that Estes was killed. So you see, I have Aggie blood running deeply! I went back to school when I was 30. I was among the first front row and second row students that started some of the Spectrum craziness back from 1985-1989. I write frequently on this Aggie board. I am a bit of a Putz and I love to fish so I am called Troutputz! I just wish you could have had a costume that was like a FISH since I am so fond of fish! Thanks for your wonderful Spirit. By the by, my son is going up there at USU and was Tai’s MTC. missionary companion…..Nephi Grant…He said he has eaten dinner with you and Tai… What is your major Wild Bill?


2 03 2011

Awwww. Who knew you were so tender! Wait. I did. When you cried during the Osmonds “he’s my brother” song.

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