Retire the Wild Bill Persona?!

25 02 2011

Chillin with Raja Bell of the Jazz

I want to start by saying thank you for a great season of Aggie Basketball! I have had a blast and i know the team has enjoyed it as well! There has been a lot of talk and speculation if i will be returning next season as “Wild Bill”. Tai Wesley is one of my best friends and we will be graduating! Not only has he been one of my closest friends over the past few years but he was a LARGE reason why “Wild Bill” got started! I will miss him and it would be hard to do my act without him on the court! However i have not come to a decision at this time to return or hang up the costumes! I will make a decision later but for now i am focusing all my attention on the last home game and the WAC Tournament. Be sure to make it to the last home game because i have something i think is very special and if i do decide to hang it up this will be a great note to go out on!
I have had a lot of questions about how people can help with my medical bills and my general costs as i have been going through this medical problem for the past eight months or so. I have now set up a bank account with the Cache Valley Bank and you will be able to send money to them for the Wild Bill Account or you can use pay pal right here on my page! I set up a pay pal button you can donate right here! thank you all so much for your concern and love! I truly love you all very much!




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25 02 2011
Liz Luke

Love my boy either way…

25 02 2011

Hey Wild Bill, thanks for all you do! In the event that you choose to hang up your costumes, I have an idea:

I think that “Wild Bill” is something that needs to remain in the Spectrum even if you choose to call it quits. My idea is for you and a panel of experts to hold tryouts for someone to take over the spot of “Wild Bill”. While no one will ever be able to fill your shoes, the role of “Wild Bill” needs to be maintained. The seat you occupy in the Spectrum should never be used for anything else. In 20 years, I want my kids who go to USU to witness the antics of “Wild Bill XIV”.

26 02 2011

Awwww….. You’re so cute! I just love you! I hope you never have to stop but I worry about your health…. Get Better soon. I’ll pray for you. I wish I could help with you with the bills but I have no insurance either and no monies…. 😦

Love and good thoughts!


27 02 2011
David Pond

Wild Bill, To help you with your health will the Utah basketball team let you work out with them? Nothing to intence to start some lite cardio. I’m in the military and sometimes soldier get out of shape one of the best ways to start to get them back into shape is diet and cardio.

27 02 2011
David Pond

If you should decide to retire. Have you maybe thought about starting a mascot training school are how to become the number 1 fan for your school?

27 02 2011
David Pond

The world needs more funny people I wish I was one of them.

27 02 2011

Is a John Belushi tribute night coming?

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