Thrillbillies is BACK — with me, WILD BILL.

1 12 2010

Well USU snuck a win against North Eastern last weekend.  It sure was a close game.  I’d like to shout out to my friend Jake Frisby for getting kicked out of the game for being vulgar.  They made an announcement over the speakers and asked us to watch our language! Lucky for me I have a wonderful mother who called me just before the game to kindly ask me to watch my language as to not offend any families with small children.  Since I took the advice of my beautiful mother I know they were not talking to me about the language but Jake who is very loud didn’t have that same talk.  GOOD TIMES.

As for me you can see me on FUEL TV starting tonight on the new season of THRILLBILLIES.  It starts at 10PM Eastern so that means 8PM our time.  Check it out for a great laugh and maybe you’ll see me on TV!



P.S. I am headed to DC tomorrow to support Men’s Basketball as they take on George Town Saturday afternoon.  Watch my blog for pics and updates of my trip!  I will keep you updated on Twitter and facebook as well.




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