I Believe That We Will Win!

5 10 2010

I have been waiting 17 years for this! In 1993 I was lucky enough to be in Romney Stadium and watch as the USU students stormed the field and tore the goal posts out of the ground after a 58 to 56 victory! Ever since that day I have been planning on storming the field and tearing the goal posts down. Well, as you know, half of my dream was fulfilled this weekend when the Cougars came to Logan and got smashed! Simply put–they were humbled!
As usual, quite a bit of trash talk was happening between my friends from Provo and me.  It seems that they only ever run their mouths in football but never dare make any claims when it comes to basketball. I was told that there was no way we would beat the Cougars even though they suck horribly this year.  Bets were made and friendships were tested. Before I go too much farther I want it made clear, I love my friends and family who have chosen BYU to be the school they cheer for and attend but just like my friends who have problems with drugs or who are alcoholics I love you, I just hate the choices you have made.

This last week’s events have been fun but exhausting. Thursday night ESPN was on campus to film an episode of Storm the Dorm.  It was a fun little shoot where we talked a little about USU and the traditions we have here.  Following filming we all stayed up on the Quad and camped out. We handed out wristbands for the diehard fans that camped out and stayed all night. Friday we had breakfast on the quad and then tailgated at the stadium. There were so many fun activities before kickoff.  When game time was finally here I was just exhausted. I could not help but go crazy for the first two quarters. Finally with 5 minutes left in the half I was in need of a break. Coach Andersen is kind enough to let me sit in his office with his family during the game to regain some of my energy and let my heart catch up with the rest of me.

As the third quarter started I was standing on the balcony by this older gentleman.  I was trying to contain myself as we were taking the Cougars to school but I just couldn’t help myself.  I looked at that the older gentleman and realized he had a real sad look on his face so naturally I turned to him and said ” You do not look happy! You must be a BYU fan.”  His reply was simply “I am the BYU Athletic Director.”  I can’t tell you the joy that ran through my soul at that moment. HA HA HA sucks to be you!
I am extremely proud of the USU Football team right now and I want you to know that even after San Diego State I STILL BELIEVE IT!!!!!!! You hear that Ry Bay?! It was a huge win for us over BYU but we still have some big games coming up.  I have talked to a lot of the players and coaches and they have mentioned to me that the crowd was unbelievable and nuts. We need to stay behind our Aggies and support them. With crowds like we had this weekend we can’t be beat at home. Please continue to believe it just like me and join me for all the remaining home games and maybe we can plan a road trip to some of the closer away games! I love the Aggies and I love Cache Valley. Thanks for all of our support.  Let’s beat LA Tech this week!

Wild Bill



2 responses

5 10 2010

haha. You crack me up. Glad to hear the loving byu is comparable to loving drugs. Nice. I get so sick of people making excuses for why byu lost. Simply put, they were outplayed! Booya.

11 10 2010

Bill, you are a true brother. I stood in the USU student section on the front row and, as a Ute fan, cheered my lungs out for the Aggies. We Ute fans are behind you and Coach Anderson. Go bowling boys!

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