Join the Ghosting Train and Win!

20 09 2010

Are you afraid of ghosts? Well, maybe you should be or at least you should watch your back on campus. My sister showed me this video about ghosting (The sport of choosing a target and following closely behind them as long as you can without being noticed) and I have been hooked ever since.  Ghosting is one of the greatest sports to emerge in this decade and since being introduced I have pretty much mastered the skills.  At times it’s a little tricky when the target decides to make a stop or make a drastic change in their route.  The other day as I was out ghosting, and I accidently gave my target a flat tire (Stepping on the back of someone’s shoe), needless to say I got a horrible glare as if to ask me just why the hell I was walking so close in the first place.

I have a few friends who have joined the ghosting movement and if you are ever lucky enough to catch a glimpse of us ghosting you could hop on and we could have a ghosting train.  Everywhere I walk I always keep a watchful eye over my shoulder just in case I’m the target for a fellow ghoster, you never can tell when someone might try ghosting you.  In fact the first person to successfully ghost me will win a $10 gift card to Pounders Hawaiian Grill.  I am a master ghoster now so good luck to all of you potential ghosters out there.

Coming up this weekend I will be hosting a dance-a-thon at the Fieldhouse with the Sigma Chi Fraternity to raise money for cancer research.  Come check it out and try to win tuition for next semester, an ipad, or an ipod.

Wild Bill



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26 02 2011

ahhhhh…. so cool!

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