Mrs. Wild Bill Anyone?

15 09 2010

I just want to start out by saying CONGRATS to the women’s volleyball team. They beat BYU last night and have improved to 10 and 0 on the season. So proud of our women! Good job on going to BYU and beating them. They will be playing in the Gossner’s Invitational this weekend starting Friday at 10 am. Please go support our women and let them know we are proud of what they have done this year and that WE BELIEVE THAT THEY WILL WIN, WE BELIEVE THAT THEY WILL WIN, WE BELIEVE THAT THEY WILL WIN!!!!

Staying on the subject of Aggie athletics make sure you are able to go to the football game this week. We’re playing Fresno State (possibly last time we will play them here). It is a big game for us. We need this win and most of all we need to support our boys.  As far as the students go we had almost a capacity crowd for student tickets, the Aggie Stampede was so amazing. We had probably 500 students marching through campus getting loud and crazy! If you want to join us this week we will be meeting at the LLC at 3 pm on Saturday. We need more of the people from the valley. The team is good this year and will be a great team to watch. We might as well support them. Make sure you go to the BYU game. I remember going to the game when I was a small child and we beat BYU! The students rushed the field and ripped down the goal posts. We haven’t exactly had too many reasons to be ripping down goal posts in the recent past but I know we will this year!

Well my friends it s time for me to say goodbye but one last thing, don’t take facebook as gospel. I changed my relationship status yesterday to “engaged”. I have had a lot of calls and texts. It’s not true. I am still just me. But if any of you are interested in being Mrs. Wild Bill just hit me up.




One response

27 02 2011
Joe Datchuk

Just read about you on yahoo! Keep up the good work!! It is fans like you that make the college game great!

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