Splash Bash

2 09 2010
Come down to Oakridge Apartments on Friday, September 10th for SPLASH BASH. The party will start at 2pm… so if you have class on Friday afternoons, you’re going to need to find someone else to turn in your homework for you next week.

There will be food. There will be pool games. There will be babes.

At this first annual Splah Bash at Oakridge Apartments, we will be having a BATHING BEAUTIES CONTEST, where USU’s finest will st…rut their stuff for prizes.

Invite your friends and we will see you there!

Oakridge Apartments:
1355 N. 800 E.
Logan, UT 84321



One response

5 02 2011
daren rindlisbacher

I just wanted to suggest a costume. William Wallace from Braveheart(Mel Gibson) paint your face blue and white, big sword, kilt,some plaid, and long wig. what a perfect way to do the SCOTSMAN. Thanks for making the AGGIE games even better.

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