Sign Language in the ER: Update on my summer

23 08 2010

Well it’s been a crazy summer for me.  As I am sure you have heard — I have had an interesting past couple months.   Between everything that was keeping me busy like the Aggie basketball games, my trip to ESPN, and filming Thrillbillies I was having a blast but never would have guessed that my body was shutting down.

I won’t bore you with all of the medical mumbo jumbo but in a nutshell what happened is I have an enlarged heart.  That by itself isn’t a walk in the park but on top of that I had a blood clot in each ventricle and in my lungs, my liver was shutting down, and my kidneys were ready to go as well.  To say the least I was not doing my best.  Being a little bit of the stubborn guy that I am I decided not to go to the hospital but finally my dear mother dragged me to Instacare to see what was wrong.  Our first instinct was that it was pneumonia but it turned out that just wasn’t the case.  After hearing the doctor’s instructions and losing an argument with my mom I finally ended up in the Emergency Room.  Once I arrived it was immediately decided that I should be flown to Salt Lake City to the IMC hospital. 

After a long week under heavy sedation in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, I was removed from life support and was able to see my family.  I don’t remember a thing from that week but have been told about my crazy antics.  Turns out, I know sign language (and I’m not talking about the middle finger).  I guess I was using sign language to communicate with people and one doctor though I might be deaf … who knew I could sign?

I spent just under a month in the hospital and I can’t say it was my favorite but I really appreciate everything that the doctors and nurses did for me.  I had so much love and support from my family and friends.  I have always known my family was close and that we support each other but this proved to me and everyone else how much love one family can have.  There wasn’t a minute that went by that my mom or sisters weren’t watching over me.  Everyone’s plans for June definitely didn’t go as planned but I really love them for hanging out with me.

To everyone who sent cards, letters, email or just your thoughts and prayers I sincerely thank you.  You all have been so good to me; I could not believe how much mail I received.  My walls were completely covered in cards and drawings.  Thank you so much for your support, it really meant a lot to both me and my family.  I don’t know if my mom and sisters could have made it without all of you.

I am an Aggie fan to the core and I made sure everyone in the hospital knew it.  It was extremely important that none of my nurses were fans of BYU.  It did make for some interesting times and my nurses would plan pranks on me by putting BYU stuff in my room to see if I would notice.  The Wednesday after I was released from ICU I was on my regular floor talking with my sister and a friend when I noticed my vision was going out, I asked my sister to get the nurse then I passed out.  My heart stopped and I had no pulse for seven minutes.  After a few minutes of CPR, right before they were about to hit me with the defibrillator I woke up and the first thing out of my mouth was, “there better not be any BYU fans in here, if so I think I’d rather die!”  That gave the doctors and nurses a little shock.  I really don’t hate BYU I just don’t think they should be allowed to breathe the same air as the rest of us.

I have been getting lots of questions about whether or not I’ll be at Aggie sporting events this year, HECK YA!  Even if I have to be wheeled out in a wheel chair, I will be there.  I had a month to sit in the hospital and do nothing but think of new costumes – I can’t let those go to waste.  Look for me this year at some of the football games, I have put a few things together with the school.  “I believe” it will be a good year even though we will be losing some teams from the WAC.  I am not worried, the WAC has something MWC will never have … ME!

I love you all and thanks again for all of your support.




9 responses

23 08 2010

Love you. Glad you’re back to your antics.

23 08 2010
A. Weight

So Bubba had to give a talk in Primary yesterday and the theme was Jesus is a God of Miracles…he talked all about YOU!! So happy you are back “Unko Bill”! WE LOVE YA!

23 08 2010
Kent Simpson

Best wishes on health & happiness Bill. Games between the BAggies & RAggies won’t be the same without you there…but your health is most important.

TucsonAggie (R division of the Aggie Family)

23 08 2010

Best of luck Bill. Wolf Pack fans are hoping to see you dancing as soon as you are healthy enough to do so.

Get well soon.

23 08 2010

From a RAggie to a BAggie, hang in there, bud. I have metastisized cancer and I’m not ready to leave my Crimson and White behind. Keep fighting!

23 08 2010

Hey Wild Bill! You don’t know me- I’m a red Aggie. Just heard about your rough go of late. Wanted to wish you a full and speedy recovery! Thanks for the entertainment! Get better soon- we can’t wait to see what’s next!

23 08 2010

Hang tough Big Bill, our thoughts and prayers are with you and the family! I am looking forward to seeing your smiling face when i get back to Logan…i will make some poly food for us so we can be nice and full before the game….take care now ..until we meet again..much love and aloha..

25 08 2010

You’re hilarious in every way! Glad to see you are back on your feet. Can’t wait to see you at the games!

3 09 2010
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