Wild Bill vs. Fox’s Pizza Den

4 04 2010

Well I tried it.  We went to Fox’s Pizza Den on Thursday and I gave it my best shot.  Starting on Tuesday I was stretching my stomach.  I was told to eat a lot of cabbage and lettuce and I ate as much as I could.  Tyler Tolson (my partner for the challenge) and I went to Fox’s on Tuesday night just to get a taste of the competition—we ordered two medium pizzas and went to town.  We tried the tomato and the BBQ chicken and it only took us a few minutes to kill those little guys.  After some poor math skills of mine we figured we only had to double what we had ate but after asking the manager he told us it was almost four times what we had just ate.  Still not being one to give in I thought for sure we could handle it.  

On Wednesday I continued to eat a lot and even ate some pizza at night just to let the pizza know I wasn’t afraid.  I woke up Thursday morning and ate a couple more pieces of the pizza and some cabbage and a bowl of ramen noodles.  Wow, I had really stretched my stomach.  I had a light lunch just to keep my belly stretched, and the whole time I drank as much water as I could fit.

 When 5:30 rolled around I walked in to Fox’s Pizza Den feeling pretty confident.  When I walked in it felt more like I was walking into an episode of Man vs. Food.  There were a large number of USU staff and faculty, some USU students and the Spirit Squad complete with Big Blue.  I truly felt like a prize fighter stepping into the ring for a championship match.  As the time wound down and the pizza was set in front of me I wasn’t worried until they sliced it up and I realized just how large this thing was and just how much I was going to have to eat.  I only had to eat four GIANT slices.  Wow, these things were huge.  Pretty sure each piece was as big as a medium pizza.  We chose to split the pizza up into 4 different sections of toppings—tomato, onion, green pepper, and BBQ chicken.

 I started with the onion slice, burning through that in about five minutes and then deciding to start on the BBQ. We made a huge mistake choosing the BBQ.  It was way too heavy and had too much flavor.  I stopped eating the BBQ chicken slice about half way through and started on the other two.  I figured if I could trick myself it would make it a little easier.   I layered the green pepper and tomato slices together to make it seem like less – but I only ate about a third of that monster. 

Finally with roughly fifteen minutes to go—I lost it.  The pizza had become cold and the consistency of the cheese was just too much to handle, so I decided to show everyone what I had just eaten.  Good thing there was a trash can right next to me.  That was a tough challenge that I don’t think I’ll be trying again anytime soon, but you never know.  Thank you to Fox’s Pizza Den for the wonderful pizza, I would recommend it to anyone.  Thanks to the Statesman for setting this up, and to everyone who came to support me.  It was a lot of fun and we’ll do something fun again soon. Watch for pictures and video tomorrow!




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5 04 2010
Alan Bishop

Haha, sounds like a blast

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