Wild Bill & Dani Taylor

1 04 2010

Wild Bill: Here I am, Wild Bill.  Here with Dani Taylor, one of the Utah State volleyball girls. I’m just going to ask her a few questions about Utah State and her personal life, see what’s really on the inside of Dani Taylor.

Wild Bill: First you play volleyball here at Utah State and you’re quite amazing at it.  How long have you been playing and what do you enjoy most about volleyball?

Dani: This will be my 5th year at Utah State and what I most enjoy doing besides volleyball of course, is travel and spend time with friends and family.

Wild Bill: Where are some places you have traveled?

Dani: Hawaii, Mexico, New York, anywhere warm.

Wild Bill: I agree with you there. So you are going to be graduated next year with a degree in public relations—am I right? What are you going to do after?

Dani: I am not really sure yet, kinda scary, I’ll probably leave Logan though—sadly.

Wild Bill: Well you know, I’ve been known to back it up a little bit.  What kind of music do you listen to, what makes you drop it like it’s hot?

Dani: I like upbeat stuff, a little bit of Lil Wayne maybe, gangsta stuff.

Wild Bill: G’d up from the feet up, okay.

Wild Bill: What TV shows would you say that you consistently watch that maybe you’d be a little embarrassed to tell everybody?

Dani: Sigh, The Hills—but I’m actually pretty proud of that one.  I don’t really get embarrassed.

Wild Bill: During your time here at Utah State what has been your greatest accomplishment on the volleyball floor?

Dani: Beating  Hawaii at Hawaii two years ago.  They were top ten in the country and we beat them in three games. It was a fun game.

Wild Bill: What’s the worst place to play in the WAC?

Dani: I hate going to Louisiana, LA Tech. It’s just too far and there are lots of crickets and I don’t like crickets.  

Wild Bill: Couple would you rather questions.   Would you rather visit the beach or the big city?

Dani: I’d have to go with the beach, probably right now because it’s snowing.

Wild Bill: Would you rather wear full body spandex from head to toe for a year or full body denim?

Dani: Hahaha, full body denim for sure.

Wild Bill: But you already wear the spandex.

Dani: Yeah, I wear spandex all the time—I think it’s time for a change, so we’ll go with the denim.

Wild Bill: Would you rather snort after every five words you say or wear an eye patch for a year?

Dani: That one’s hard, I would wear and eye patch, be a pirate.

Wild Bill: Last one real quick, you can either have five minutes with Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp?  Now this is an important one.  I’m going to judge you deeply on this one.

Dani: Johnny Depp

Wild Bill: Really?

Dani: Yeah, he’s crazy

Wild Bill: Yeah but…..

Dani: He’d be fun to just watch

Wild Bill: Yeah but Brad Pitt—you’ve got Fight Club, Troy, Seven

Dani: That’s old news

Wild Bill: Alright — Dani Taylor!



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