24 03 2010

Wild Bill: Eh Eh Hem, Bill Sproat here with the wonderful Tai Wesley.  Say hi, Tai.

Tai Wesley: Helllloooo.

Wild Bill: Alright, I’m just going to ask you a few questions you know about this past season and about your personal life and stuff.

Wild Bill: I see that you just got nose surgery? Was that for cosmetic reasons?

Tai Wesley: Well you know, I just have always wanted to get a nose job and my nose has always been one of those big Polynesian noses, so I kind of wanted to reduce it and show off my white side.

Wild Bill: Nice, how many spots did you break your nose in?

Tai Wesley: Uh, three spots

Wild Bill: Did it all happen in one hit, or did they just keep smackin it?

Tai Wesley: It just took one hit, it might have happened the second time too but I’m not sure. I know it broke for sure the first time though.

Wild Bill: What is your nickname?

Tai Wesley: Toby

Wild Bill: Let’s see here, you have a lot of family in Hawaii – What’s your favorite part of the Hawaiian culture?

Tai Wesley: The food, without question.

Wild Bill: What do you like to eat?

Tai Wesley: What don’t I like to eat? I love to eat at Pounders—pretty much everything they serve is grade A.  I love the short ribs and the spam.

Wild Bill: Dumb & Dumber or Tommy Boy?

Tai Wesley: Dumb & Dumber

Wild Bill: What?!  You aren’t a Chris Farley fan?

Tai Wesley: Well yeah, I love Chris Farley and Tommy Boy but Dumb & Dumber is my favorite movie.

Wild Bill: Mermaid Bill or Cupid Bill?

Tai Wesley: Cupid Bill, I mean it all came together so nicely.

Wild Bill: You’re currently dating Lexi Godfrey—she’s pretty hot.  What do you do to romance her on a Friday night? How do get her to stay with you?

Tai Wesley: Well first I put on some Barry Manilow – If all else fails, I show her my hairy chest… that usually works out pretty well for me.

Wild Bill: Who’s got a hairier chest, you or me?  (Lifting both of their shirts)

Tai Wesley: Uhhh me.

Wild Bill: Nah nah, you’re just centralized in one spot, I’m more dispersed.

Wild Bill: Of all the places you play in the WAC, which stadium is your favorite besides the Spectrum?

Tai Wesley: I like to play in Hawaii.  It’s easier to breath there because of the air quality.

Wild Bill: Where is your least favorite place to play?

Tai Wesley: My least favorite would be New Mexico State.  They are also my least favorite team in the WAC.

Wild Bill: Describe yourself in one word.

Tai Wesley: In one word?

Wild Bill: Yeah like dumb or stupid or just whatever you feel like saying?

Tai Wesley: Well Bill, what do you think? Describe me in one word.

Wild Bill: Beautiful.

Tai Wesley: Well, that works

Wild Bill: I guess that’s pretty much it.  Would you like to make a public apology for shooting bottle rockets at me while I’m in the bathroom?

Tai Wesley: I would like to apologize to your roommate Naki for letting him make the mistake of being your roommate.  I really wasn’t looking out for his interest with that move.



4 responses

24 03 2010

haha! That was probably the best three and a half minutes I’ve ever spent.. Nice work 🙂

25 03 2010

Very funny stuff! Good work Bill and Tai.

25 03 2010


26 03 2010


Hairy chests?! Maybe you should compare backs?

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