17 03 2010

Oh man, I can’t believe that DAY 3 is already over!  It’s going by way too fast.  Everyone here at ESPN has been super nice and easy to work with.  If everyone in the tv industry was this cool, I might have to work real hard to try to get into this business.

Yesterday, I had to be at the ESPNU studio by 11am.  I know that doesn’t seem like it is all that early, but when you get done shooting at 3 am and don’t go to sleep until around 4am, well, 10am comes way to early.

So, after I rolled out of bed and took a shower, I headed over to the ESPN studios to see what was on the agenda for today.  When I got there, I was told we were heading out to a local YMCA to shoot a piece for the show on Tuesday night.  After arriving at the Y, we rounded up some people who were just shooting around as well as some of the workers to come try their hand at shooting free throws against me.  I had a lot of fun “practicing” my distraction techniques.  I tried some new ones with a hand stand and just some real crazy looking half flip thing. The people of NC are really friendly and welcoming.  I just can’t say enough good things about my trip so far.

My buddy Justin was leaving to go home to catch our buddy Jade’s wedding, and we wanted something classy and more our speed.  So, I took him to the classiest place I know… HOOTERS!  HAHA!  Seriously, if you know me, you know I love my wings, and I’ve been eating wings for just about every meal. Hooters actually have wings that I happen to really like… plus, I love watching sports while I eat.  The girls are just an added bonus.  I tried to buy one of their outfits for a future costume, but unfortunately, they didn’t have one in my size… plus, I don’t like wearing shirts anyway.

After a nice bath in my hotel tub, 6pm rolled around… which is usually the time I like to get back to the studio.  Not only does it give me time to go over the show I will be doing, it’s conveniently the time they serve fresh hot dinner.  Today they had some kind of Mexican food. I am not a huge Mexican food fan, but anytime you can sit in the break room with guys like Jason Williams and Adrian Branch or Scott Van Pelt, dinner is well worth it.  Hell, I would even eat cake with them if I had to. (I hate cake worse than anything)

Well, today was the day I have been talking about for a special guest… Rick Flair came into the studios today.  He was so cool and he sat and talked with all of us for quite a while.  One of the biggest high lights of the entire trip, was while I was in the bathroom with Rick Flair and Adrian Branch just chatting away and shootin the bull.  I have said this a million times since I have been here, but it’s like I am living a Sports Center commercial.  We did our bit with Rick Flair and I got to distract him from making his free throws… after, we did his legendary “Woooooo.”

It’s now back to filming, but stay tuned for more soon.




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17 03 2010

Cake huh. Must be some pretty awesome guys. I’d eat cake anytime with you.

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