16 03 2010

Sunday night, was definitely a late one. I was in studio working with Lowell Galindo, Mike Kelly, and Laphanso Ellis which was a lot of fun. I was able to be on the show for quite a bit… just being me, having fun, and chillin.

We didn’t stop shooting til 3am, so we ended up hanging around for a bit and didn’t get back to the hotel until around 3:30am.

Yesterday was a busy day and an amazing one at that. We woke up early at 7:30am and headed out to Durham, North  Carolina for a 2 ½ hour trip to the home of Duke University and the Cameron crazies. Andy Katz was cool enough to call up the SID at Duke and have them open the door to Cameron Indoor Stadium (Duke’s arena) and leave the lights on for us to go and check it out. When I walked into the arena, I was amazed with just how small the place really was!  It looked like a giant high school gym was all.

I couldn’t believe that I had made it to one of the craziest, if not the craziest, places to play in the nation.  It was truly amazing.  Then, we walked up to the second floor on the main concourse level where they had Duke’s Hall of Fame.  They have had some amazing athlete’s come through there including the Jazz’s Carlos Boozer.

After we got back from our trip to Cameron, I hit up the hotel and took a nice bath with some real nice bath salts and then sat around in my bath robe for a while.  It’s actually a 4-star resort they have me staying in… a real nice place.

After my nice relaxing afternoon in the room, I was waiting for Molly Qerim to come down from her room to go to the studio with me. I was chillin in the lobby of the resort when Scott Van Pelt walked down and came to ask if I was the crazy guy from USU and introduced himself to me.  Scott was a real nice guy he told me we were going to have some fun in the studio.

Only about a minute after he left, Jason Williams walked in and noticed me sitting there.  He came over and said he would be working with me tonight and was looking forward to chilling with me.  I was super stoked.  After he took off, the bell hop came up to me and asked “who are you that those two are coming up to you and talking to you?!”  Kinda makes me feel important or something.

Hanging out in the studio reminds me of a Sports Center commercial.  All of the famous sports guys are just walking around and making fun of each other like you see on tv. Jason Williams is one of the funniest guys I have met on my trip this far. He is constantly joking around. Scott Van pelt is also one of the coolest guys I have met so far. He sat around and just talked with me for about 20 minutes. Great guy.  You might think that these guys would be full of themselves or jerks but they are awesome!  They’re constantly making me feel like a rock star.

I actually just got off the stage with the guys where I was just dancing around.  We’re only 45 minutes into this broadcast so I better go but there is more to come tomorrow including an awesome special guest.





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17 03 2010
Bradley Hintze

You were a stone’s throw away> I am at Duke. I wish I’d known, I would’ve came to say hi to you. I hope you enjoyed Cameron!!

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