14 03 2010

Man, today has been amazing!  I woke up and ate some breakfast… you know, just the normal stuff. But then I had a good friend who lives out here meet me at my hotel.  Then, me, Justin, and Jen (my 2 friends who came with me) and my friend Jenny (friend who lives here) went to go do some site seeing.

Oh my, what a great day of sports…  It started off by going straight to the Panthers stadium. Oh man, what a great time.  We had a lot of fun walking around the outside… D did, however, try all of the gates to see if I could get in and check it out, but with no luck.

It was so fun to see that huge stadium and to think of all the greats who have been in and out of there. Then, we took a quick trip to see where the Charlotte Bobcats play which was a fun little place.

I would have to say the coolest part of that excursion was the Charlotte Motor Speed Way though.  Oh my, that was so fun!  As we pulled up to the Speed Way, you could hear a couple cars just zooming out oround the track.  We tried to take a tour but we unfortunately showed up too late to go on one, and the next one was not for another hour.

As I was walking away, a lady told us that she had 4 more spots and told us to go.  Obviously, I was stoked.  They took us in a 15 passenger van out in to the infield and we were able to  go check out the winners circle… my favorite part was our little old tour guide who took us out on the track and just opened it up.

I think we probably got up to 75 or 80mph.  After the amazing time out on the track, we all went out to eat some dinner at a legit southern BBQ place.  We are in the south so you got to be eatin the BBQ.

As we were finishing up a waitress came up to us (who saw us in our Aggie gear) and said she is going to USU next year.

We finally made it to ESPNU, and as we walked in, it was cool to have all the ESPN guys excited to meet me.  I was told as I walked in, that Andy Katz said “Hey, there’s Wild Bill.”  We met all the ESPNU guys and walking by, I saw Dick Vitale just chillin’ in studio. Oh my gosh, DICK VITALE!  Crazy!

I am about to meet him when he gets off the air and I’m so excited. Also, I am about to be on air now, so I should go… but nor worries, I’ll fill you in more tomorrow!



3 responses

14 03 2010

So, when will your segment be airing? Will you post a link to it or something too? Thanks.

15 03 2010

You are seriously one of the luckiest people I know. How is it that you got all the luck and I have NONE! It looks like you are having so much fun! I would LOVE to join you at the bbq place. Sounds delish! I love you!

15 03 2010
Alan Bishop

Haha, yeah buddy!

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