14 03 2010

Yesterday was officially my last day in Reno. I went to the Reno airport early and met up with some good friends for breakfast. Then it was time for the airplane ride to meet up with ESPN.

I flew to Phoenix for a layover which was actually one of the quickest layovers that I have ever had. I got off the plane, walked two gates over, and boarded my next flight. Then, I actually saw some people in the airport wearing New Mexico gear so I obviously had to let them know that I was a USU Aggie.

The following plane ride was pretty long. I left at 3:30pm AZ time and arrived at 9:30pm North Carolina time. It was crazy to be flying away from the sun and it felt like the sun set a lot faster than normal.

As soon as I arrived in Charlotte, I got checked into my hotel… sorta. Turns out, I went to the wrong hotel. However, lucky for me, mine was right across the street. As soon as I got checked in, I ran to my room to watch the USU vs New Mexico game. Heart breaker.

I still can’t believe that we lost but I still got love for the Aggie basketball team… and I still think we’ll be dancing next week.




One response

15 03 2010

Oh Billy Boy… wrong hotel huh!!! LOL that’s too funny.. only you! 🙂 Have fun with Whipple and Jenn!

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