13 03 2010

I had a great time last night during the big win over LA Tech.  It was nice to be able to relax and just chill for a bit.  My day started bright at early at 8am, so I strolled downstairs to the buffet and ate some breakfast.  The food was great, which always helps make good start to my day.

I was invited to join an alumni event where I got to mingle and eat some more good food.  It was nice to meet and hang around our alumni at the event.  Everyone was so kind and welcoming to me.  They told me how they love to watch me and gave me some great ideas for future costumes at games.  Thanks everyone for being so awesome to me, it’s really nice to have all of your support.

After getting a full belly we headed to the game.  Rocker was the costume for the day and I think I rocked it pretty well if I do say so myself.

During the second half of the game, an alumni member offered me a ticket to go sit behind the other basket so I could get back to what I do best… distract in the buff.  The last time LA Tech shot free throws, I was definitely a surprise to them.  Nevada fans aren’t nearly as friendly as the USU fans are, but it was fun.

This morning, I headed to North Carolina to work with ESPN on some commercials.  I wish I could make it to the Championship game tonight, but I will be watching.  Good luck!

Go Aggies!  Watch for my ESPN blog updates this next week!




One response

13 03 2010
Bradley Hintze

Way to go Bill! You’re coming to NC, my neck of the woods. Where are you going in NC?

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