11 03 2010
WAC Journal: DAY #1
Hey guys, I’m here to report back on DAY #1 of the WAC Tournament and so far it’s been a blast.  Yesterday morning, I rode the bus to Reno with the USU Cheerleaders.  I always wondered who actually wakes up before 10am… the answer is the USU Spirit Squad.  We met up bright and early at The Spectrum to be on the bus by 6am.  How this group of girls can be so chipper at 5:25am is a wonder.  I attempted pulling an all-nighter but that didn’t work out so well and I ended up crashing around 2:30am.

We left the spectrum around 6am and for the first time in my life, I realized some of the cheerleaders aren’t so pretty in the morning… Just kidding.  I would still give a kidney for any of them.

During the nine-hour drive we made two glorious stops for food and ended up hitting the jackpot 3 times.  Ry Bay and I banked $80!  That’s free food, baby.  Oh yeah, and on the bus ride out to Reno, I watched the cheer squad spell words with their butts… I think I might be traveling permanently with the cheer squad from now on.

We finally arrived in Reno and got checked in to the hotel.  I made it to the room to get so fresh and so clean and decided to hit a few tables.  Unfortunately, we didn’t exactly have the same luck as we had earlier.  I didn’t want to keep losing money so Ry Bay and I decided to cruise around the casinos for a bit.

We ended up finding a tattoo shop & wedding chapel in the same block… God bless Nevada.  Now, all I need is to find a hot chick so we can make our wedding vows and get matching tattoos.

Last night, our USU’s women’s team ended up losing the game unfortunately, but hopefully we have better luck today with our men’s team.  Stay tuned for further updates.




5 responses

11 03 2010

Good stuff, Wild Bill.

11 03 2010
Your Older Sister

I think it is hilarious they put you on the cheer bus! I would be worried, but I have done road trips with you the minute the engine turns on you are out like a light. Pretty sure you introduced all of the cheer squad to your snoring! Haha. Hope your having fun- and stay away from the gambling!

11 03 2010
Angela Martinez

Please post pictures of your showgirl stuff!!! We’re going crazy trying to find them online!!!

12 03 2010
your #1 fan

Love the new blog! Sounds like good times.

15 03 2010
Alan Bishop

So you’re on VIP status?

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