9 03 2010

Bill – Hello, beautiful…

Morgan – Hi, handsome.

Bill – If you were stranded on an island and you could take one aggie fan with you, who would you take?

Morgan – I would choose you or Big Blue.  That way I’d never get bored, I’d always have something to do and always be entertained

Bill – Ok, uh… do you have a bf?

Morgan – I don’t but I’m looking for one.

Bill – That was actually my next question…

Bill – What do you like best about my body?

Morgan – Well, there are so many good things about your body, but my favorite would have to be this area (pointing to belling) when you are doing your little cyclone pelvic thrusts to distract the other players.

Bill – Nice… alright, I hate it when girls can’t keep their hands off of me.  What are your turn offs?

Morgan – My turn offs are when guys walk out of the gym and they’ve got six packs and they come out with their backpack on.  Clean cut guys and skinny guys just aren’t my thing.

Bill – That’s good news for me.

Bill – Being a good looking guy like I am, I go on a lot of dates.  What is your idea of a perfect date?

Morgan – Um, my idea of a perfect date would be grabbin’ a snack, go to an Aggie game, get some Aggie Ice Cream, and watch a good movie on a Love Sac.

Bill – Kissin?

Morgan – After the movie… depends on the movie.

Bill – Yeah, if the movie sucks?

Morgan – Yeah if the movie sucks you can make out.

Bill – Haha, maybe we can watch crappy movies together…?

Bill – Can you pop, lock, and drop it?

Morgan – Yes, I can pop, lock, and drop it.

Bill – I’m going to have to ask you to show me that.

Morgan – No!  Really?  Eventually, ok.

Bill – What’s your best personality trait?

Morgan – My best? I don’t know, I’m pretty fun and outgoing.

Bill – I agree with that.

Morgan – Thank you.

Bill – What’s your best physical asset?

Morgan – Asssss-et? Haha!  What do you think?

Bill – Ass. No “et.”  Just ass.  I stare at it every game.

Morgan – [Laughing]

Bill – Can I say this?

Morgan – Yeah.

Bill – So after you graduate in 2016, what are your plans?

Morgan – Settle down, get married, get a good job… you know the usual.

Bill – Alright, which is better? Tummy Yummies or Spoon Me?

Morgan – I love Tummy Yummies and what it’s all about… but I love the pineapple at spoon me and I’m just a die hard for Spoon Me.  Sorry, Tummy Yummies, I love you.

Bill – Pak, I tried.

Bill – Chocolate or vanilla?

Morgan – Chocolate

Bill – Just one more… I wear Aggie blue underwear to every game.  What do you wear?

Morgan – [Laughing]  Well, um as you know, I wear tight jazz pants to every game… we’re not allowed to wear any.

Bill – Nice.  Haha, welp that’s it.



2 responses

9 03 2010

friggen hilarious!!!!

11 03 2010
Love Burger

Special sauce?

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